proudP Intended Use

proudP is a mobile application intended for measuring voided volume of urine and urine flow rate using the sound recorded by microphone in mobile devices.
This device can be used for assessment of voiding function.
This device can be used at office or at home and required to be used in a quiet environment. This device targets patients over 18 years of age.
Accuracy of measurement result has not been evaluated on phones other than those listed at the following link:
Compatible devices

proudP is not intended to be, and should not be taken to be, nor do they replace (I) professional medical advice, screening, diagnosis, or treatment, (II) the practice of medicine, or (III) the provision of medical care.
Please do not rely on the results provided by proudP to assess your health or replace results provided by conventional uroflowmetry; instead, you should consult with your doctors or another qualified healthcare professional in all matters relating to your health.